Audience Intersect is Dead… and That’s OKAY!

In this video you're going to learn how to do the exact same things you used to be able to do in Audience Intersect, only I'm going to show you how to do them within the Facebook ad manager. It's simple and it's free!

How to Use Facebook Flex Targetting


I've seen a lot of folks asking for help on how to get Audience Intersect working. Well, let's put that to bed now.

Audience Intersect is Dead!


It was awesome while it lasted, and even more awesome when TeeSpring gave it to their sellers for free, but it hasn't worked in months, and I don't see any reason why the developers would bring it back to life… AND THAT'S GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

The reason they wouldn't dare bring it back to life is because Facebook now has the same functionality that only Audience Intersect was once able to achieve. That's right! With Facebook's new(ish) Facebook Flex targeting feature, you can do the exact same thing you used to be able to do in Audience Intersect. If you forgot what Audience Intersect was capable of, let me remind you with a quote straight from their site:

Target only the people who like multiple Interests.

For example, you could target people who like both Luke Bryan and Whiskey. You could also target people who like Beer and Baseball. What about Weight Loss and Crossfit? Or even 2nd Amendment Rights and Hunting.

Audience Intersect allows you to target new untapped audiences and cater to new niches that were previously not possible to reach. The possibilities are endless.

And here's an image from their website to help you better visualize the power of this functionality (which Facebook now has):

Audience Intersect

So if you've been trying to get this amazing tool to work, but haven't been able to, press play on the video above, and turn that frown around!


  1. Josh

    Uh doesn’t this exist already on fb? Lol it’s called interests stacking dummy , you write one interest then at the bottom it clearly says narrow even further so it only targets people that only like those interest specifically , you only add one interest per box and it acts as an “AND” rather than putting multiple interests in one box then that acts as an “OR”

    • Hi Josh. You must be new to this world. What you’re calling “stacking” was first called “audience intersect,” and then “flex targeting,” and now I guess people like you are calling it “stacking.” My bad, dummy.

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